Peter's Ultimate Alarm Clock
Test version

What is the test version?

The test version of Peter's ultimate alarm clock is -as the name implies- a version meant for testing. It is the current state of the alarm clock as the next major release is being built step by step. Releases of the test version therefore are more frequent than the stable version. When a test version contains all features that will be in the next major release and when it is stable, it will be released as the next stable version.

Why a test version?

I decided to release a test version for various reasons.

Testing the alarm clock is taking more and more time as the program grows and gets more complex. I want to be able to release a version and get feedback faster without having to be absolutely sure there are no bugs in the program. Early feedback means that adaptations can be made quickly without having to wait for a next stable release (which would have to be tested elaborately, etc.).

As past versions have shown, even after extensive testing a few bugs often remain in the stable versions, causing a bug fix to be released shortly after the release of a major version. The test version will hopefully avoid the inconvenience this causes for everybody who only wants to see a stable version.

Is it full of bugs?

I don't hope so. The test version will not be as extensively tested before it released as a stable version of course (which is the purpose of the test version). I cannot guarantee that the test version contains more or less severe errors. All I can say is that I continuously run the test version myself and use it for all my important appointments. So it better be good.

Why would anyone want to become a tester?

I have been thinking about a way on rewarding testers as well as keeping it profitable to register the program (a way to keep everybody (including myself) happy, if you know what I mean). So here's the deal for now, lets see how it works out:

As a tester you can request a registration code for the test version for free. If you make yourself useful enough (by reporting bugs, giving useful feedback about how certain features could be improved) and if you're not already registered, I'll register you for the stable version for free.

And of course, by becoming a tester you will be able to use the new features early in the development and have something to say about what they will look like, which features would be nice and which could be improved.

Isn't the test version just a cheap way of taking advantage of people to increase the quality of the program?


How can I become a tester?

You can download the latest test version here (~900 KB).

The program requires certain files to be on your computer. If an error occurs because of missing files, you must run the installation program you can download here (1616 KB). This will only install the required files.

Similarly to the normal program, the test version also requires a registration code for the pop-ups to disappear. You can request a registration code by sending an e-mail to


What has been changed since the latest stable version?

The version history since the latest stable version can be found here. Chances are that the newest features will contain the most bugs.

How do I report bugs?

You can e-mail me to report bugs. Contact information can be found here. Bugs that are already known are listed here. Before reporting a bug, make sure you are using the latest test version (enable the option 'automatically check for updates' in the 'help' menu).

When reporting an error, supply as much information as possible. In case of an error: the error message and a description of the steps leading to the error. Screenshots may also be useful, but try to keep the size down.


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