Puac Color Schemes

Puac version 3.2
Last modified: December 2, 2003

Color schemes are ini files that have .csc as extension. If the name of your color scheme is not found in the user's translation file, the file name will be used for it when selecting it in Puac's settings.

The files each contain one section: [Colors]. These sections consist of a list of colors of the form 's1=color code'. The color codes that can be used are html code colors (like #FF9C0F) or 4-byte hexadecimal notation, in which you can also specify a Windows system color, like &H8000000F& for a window background color.

Below a list of identifiers and the items they correspond to. If you leave a color out, the default color will be used.

It is also possible to specify colors for plug-ins. These will be used in the appropriate places. (See the default color scheme for examples.)

color id description default value
1 default alarm group color  
2 alarm group list background color  
3 alarm list background color  
4 past alarms list background color  
5 future alarms list background color  
6 notes text background color  
11 ag list: state on  
12 ag list: state off  
13 ag list: normal alarm group  
14 ag list: default synchronized alarm group  
15 al list: state on  
16 al list: state off  
17 al list: next: not sure  
18 al list: next: at start-up  
19 al list: next: at shut-down  
20 al list: next: won't sound  
21 al list: next: close (interpolated with 22)  
22 al list: next: far (interpolated with 21)  
23 al list: date: once  
24 al list: date: periodically short (interpolated with 25)  
25 al list: date: periodically long (interpolated with 24)  
30 default action color  
31 action: display message  
32 action: speak message  
33 action: display and speak message  
34 action: open file  
35 action: start program  
36 action: open website  
37 action: play sound once  


action: play sound repeatedly  
39 action: tell the time  
40 action: tell how long until an event  
41 action: tell how long since an event  
42 action: start screensaver  
43 action: shutdown computer  
44 action: reboot computer  
45 action: logoff from Windows