Since version 3.2, Puac has an extensive plug-in system. There are several types of plug-ins:

The plug-in window

For an overview of the plug-ins you have installed, choose 'plug-ins...' from the 'general' menu. This pops up the plug-in window. You can also list all plug-ins of a specific type.

If you select a plug-in, you can set the plug-in's settings, ask for help or see information about the plug-in by clicking one of the buttons.

Click the button 'download other plug-ins...' to go to the plug-ins page on the website. Here you can download additional plug-ins.

Creating customized plug-ins

You can also create plug-ins yourself. The technical details about this can be found on the website, in the section documentation. There you can download the type library with interfaces you will need to implement and a simple sample plug-in with source code in Visual Basic.