What's new?

The most noticeable change in this version is the way the alarms are displayed in the main window: in a calendar. At first view it might be a bit overwhelming if you have a lot of alarms, but they can be filtered according to priority. See the calendar section for more information about this. As could be expected there are a lot of settings to change the way the calendar is displayed. The calendar also has an option to convert the contents to a html file, which can then be printed. The old view (with the two lists for future and past alarms) is still available from the 'window' menu, but this view will be removed in a future version.

Alarms have two new properties: duration and priority. The duration property is used in the calendar to display the interval the alarm covers. The priority is used for filtering in the calendar, but it is also used in a few general settings.

I also added some new settings, like those that let you set a volume level when a sound or a voice action is executed.

This version also introduces the visual alarm clock. It is available from the 'window' menu and can also be used as an alarm action, in which case it generates a lot of sound.

One other big and often requested feature is the possibility to save multiple alarm groups to one file. This allows for easy transporting and backing-up of alarms.

I also fixed a few minor bugs and made some performance improvements.

For a complete list of all changes have a look at the version history on the website.