Nifty tips and tricks

Keyboard shortcuts

These are keyboard shortcuts which may not be very easily guessed:

In the main window:

In the alarm properties window:

In the alarm message window:

Editing multiple alarms at once

If you select multiple alarms at once and choose 'properties' from the alarms menu, all the selected alarms can be changed at the same time. Only the properties that you touch will be affected.

You can also edit multiple alarms from different alarm groups by using the 'find alarms' window. If you leave the search textbox empty, all alarms will be listed as results. Now you can select any combination of alarms and edit them by pressing enter.

Change the program's icon

If you want to use your own icons instead of the default ones, place the icon in the same directory as the program and call it 'icon.ico'. This will replace the program icon and the icons in the system tray. If you only want to replace the program icon, call it 'progicon.ico'. If you want to replace the icon in the system tray, call it 'trayicon.ico'. If you want to replace the icon in the system tray which indicates the blocking of alarms, call the icon 'blockicon.ico'.