These are the settings for the calendar in the main window.

Ignore alarm time correction on calendar
This is actually a temporary solution for something I hope to fix in version 3.4. Traditionally, the alarm clock was focussed on alarm dates/times. With the introduction of the calendar, there is a need to show the alarm in the calendar on the time that the event (e.g. an appointment) takes place, but have the alarm sound earlier (e.g. 1 day). Currently, the 'add' property of the alarm is used to make this distinction. So if this option is checked, the 'add' property of the alarm is ignored on the calendar. If the value of the property is -1 day, on the calendar the alarm will be shown one day after its actual sounding date/time. If this option is unchecked, the calendar will show all alarms at the times they will sound.

Interval bar width (pixels)
This sets the width of the bar that shows the duration of the alarms.

Show tooltips
Determines if tooltips are shown when you hold the mouse cursor over an alarm.

Automatically update calendar to current date/time
If this option is checked, the calendar automatically keeps the current date/time in its scope. If you change the scope by moving it, the calendar will automatically refocus if you don't touch the calendar for two minutes. Also see the next setting.

Offset current date/time
This determines how much the current date/time will be centered in the scope. At 0% it shows the current date/time at the top of the calendar and you have a better overview over the future. At 50% the current date/time is centered and at 99% you mostly see the past.