Alarm management

Location of alarm group files
The specified location is where the alarm groups are stored when they are saved and where they are loaded from at program start up or when reloading.

Save alarm groups automatically
Alarm groups will be saved automatically if this option is checked. This option is on by default, but you may want to turn it off if you don't want to change the alarm groups on disk for some reason. Note that alarm groups are only saved when they have changed. Also see 'save all...' from the alarmgroups menu.

Delete all alarms that won't sound again
This button allows you to delete all alarms that won't sound again in the future.

Note that there is no option to delete these alarms automatically after they sounded. The Windows clock seems to be unreliable at some times, especially when the computer is waking up from stand-by. A wrong date/time could result in deleting alarms that should not have been deleted yet. So for safety reasons no alarms will be deleted automatically.

Template alarm
Use the template alarm buttons to set the template alarm. This is the alarm which is shown in the alarm properties window when you add a new alarm.

If you set a date and time field to 31-12-9999 00:00:00, the current date and time will be shown when adding a new alarm.

Note that you can also specify a template alarm for each alarm group separately. If you don't specify one, the template from the settings will be used.