Alarm sounding settings

Force message window to foreground
This will force the alarm window to the foreground when the alarm sounds.

Clock correction (milliseconds)
This allows you to correct the sounding time of alarms. Positive values will delay the alarm, negative values will let it sound earlier.

Warn if number of alarms to sound exceeds ...
You'll be warned if there are more alarms to be sounded at once than the number you specified here. This prevents a large number of periodical alarms from popping up when you haven't turned your computer on for a while.

When unblocked ...
Here you can choose which of the missed alarms should sound if you unblock the alarms. If you select the option 'Sound alarms with option 'sound after inactive'', only alarms with the option 'Sound alarm at start-up if missed while program was inactive' checked in the alarm properties will be sounded.

Note that when you unblock the alarms if you have set the option to 'Sound all missed alarms', all alarms will be sounded since the time you blocked them. This also includes the alarms without the option 'sound after inactive' set even when the program was inactive while alarms were blocked.