Setting your first alarm

When you have installed the program and got it running and all, you can finally set your first alarm. Here I'll explain how to set the simplest alarm possible.

First, add a new alarm by choosing 'add alarm' from the 'alarm' menu as in the image below.

Now the window pictured below appears and we can set the alarm. There are three steps to take. First we give the alarm a name. Something like 'my first alarm' will do for this one.

After that, we'll have to specify when the alarm should sound. We do this at the 'alarm date and time' section. We will only let this alarm sound once. Set the date and time so that the alarm will sound in a few minutes.

Last, we will have to specify what the alarm will do. The alarm is automatically set to display a message. Write a meaningful message, like the one shown below.

If all settings look similar to those in the image, you can click 'Ok'.

Now you'll see the main window again. A new alarm group has been created if you hadn't created any alarm groups yet. This alarm group is selected and shows the alarms in it. Currently, this is only the alarm we just created. If the alarm will sound within the specified period, it will also be shown in the list of coming alarms.

The only thing we have to do now is wait until the alarm sounds. Depending on what date and time you specified, this may take a while. Please feel free to do something else in the meantime.