Open file, start program or open website

Open file
This action will open a file. You can specify the file in the text box by using the 'browse' button. Also see the notes below.

Start program
This action will start the selected program. You can select the program by using the 'browse' button. Also see the notes below.

Open website
This action will open a website. You can specify the web address in the text box. The website will be opened in your default browser.



You can also choose to open a random file using a file name like this: c:\*.txt. This will cause a text file to be chosen randomly from the directory c:\.

If the file, program or website for some reason can not be opened, nothing will happen.

The above actions are essentially the same and it is even possible to specify a website in the file text box for example. The distinction is only made to increase clarity, for example when you've specified to show the action in the alarm list in the main window.

When opening a program, you can also choose to specify some extra information like command line arguments and the working directory. These extra parameters have to be included (in that order) in the text box after the path name of the program and separated by the '|'-sign. For example:
This starts up someprogram.exe with the command line arguments 'arguments' in the directory c:\test.