Alarm actions

There are several actions the program can take when the alarm sounds. The actions for a specific alarm are listed in the list of alarm actions in the alarm properties window:

Use the 'add new' button to add actions from this list. A window will pop up in which you can select which kind of action you want to add (see below). The list can contain any number of actions.

Use the 'remove' button to remove the selected action from the list.

The selected action can be tested with the 'test' button. (Be careful with testing actions like those which shut down your computer.)

When you select an action, the settings of this action will be shown below the list. Different actions can have different settings.

Depending on which plug-ins you have installed, you can have different actions to choose from. Here follows a list of all built-in actions:

Display message
Speak message
Display and speak message

Open file
Start program
Open website

Play sound once
Play sound repeatedly
Alarm clock

Tell the time
Tell how long until an event
Tell how long since an event

Start screensaver
Shutdown computer
Reboot computer
Logoff from Windows